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So you're thinking about a mission trip;

here are some steps.

1.  Pray about where God wants you to go.

2.  Complete your application and turn it in.

3.  Get a passport, if needed.

4.  Start your preparation, whether it's working through your trip materials, learning a bit of a new language, or preparing your heart.

5.  Start saving your money.

Short Term Missions
A short term mission trip is a win/win for both the participant as well as the local missionary and location.  By coordinating with the local people, we design trips that are effective and take advantage of over 25 years experience planning, facilitating, and leading trips. We believe in working with the local church and missionaries to plan effective ministry that takes into account cultural differences and current needs of the location. We believe that every person should take advantage of the opportunity to participate in a mission trip, no matter the age, and as a result our teams consist of junior high through adults.  Some trips are even conducive to families participating as well.  Please contact us with any questions