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We have free resources you can download in addition to resources you can purchase on our online shopping site.  Please take a look at what we offer and see how it can help you, your leaders, or your students.

Check out these free great helps we've provided to help your ministry. These are in .pdf format.

Crisis Issues

We have several crisis issues that are now available for viewing on YouTube. You can also purchase DVD sets that include the talk as well as any printed material. What you can download here are the worksheets that go with the video material.
Dealing with the Anger Within
YouTube Link: Anger
Dealing with the Anger Within Workbook.pdf
Recovering from Life's Wounds
YouTube Link: Wounds
Recovering from Life's Wounds.pdf
Suicide, the Friend Stealer
YouTube Link: Suicide
Suicide, the Friend Stealer.pdf

The Bible Proficiency Test
This comprehensive open book test identifies your knowledge of the bible and areas you may need to study. Please download all three to take the test.
Bible Proficiency Test.pdf
Bible Proficiency Answer Score Sheet.pdf
Bible Proficiency Answers.pdf

Discipleship Checklist
This helps evaluate where a person is in their foundation in Christ. This 4 page evaluation tool is helpful in establishing a plan of action for continued growth.
Discipleship Checklist.pdf

Youth Ministry First-Aid Scenarios
are in addition to those in the book Finish-the-Race; Know the Course by Mark Schaufler
First Aid Scenarios.pdf

Youth Ministry Scenarios
are a safe way to test your response to a given event or situation. There are twenty-seven different scenarios to use with your leadership team.   Youth Ministry Scenarios.pdf

Checkup Checklist:  An Evaluation Tool
This 27 page document utilizes the human body as a means to evaluate the health of your group.  You cannot improve if you do not know where your current health is
Youth Ministry Checkup Checklist 2011.pdf

Short Term Mission Discipleship Resource
This download works with our book, Short Term Missions Participant Manual.  It gives you resources to help disciple your team before they leave on their mission trip.
Discipleship through Short Term Missions.pdf

Worker Application Sample
Just a sample application to help you create an application for your church and your workers.  It is very important to have an application and follow through on checking background and references before youallow someone to work with your students.
Worker Application.pdf

Salvation Bracelet
How to make and description of the colors.
Salvation Bracelet explanation description sheet.pdf